How to make hello dolly bars

How to make hello dolly bars

In a 350 degree oven, melt a stick of butter is a small casserole dish

Add a cup of graham crackers, crushed NO NEED TO STIR this is a layered cookie

Next some shredded sweetened coconut. About a cup but I never measure. I just put as much as I want

Semi sweet chocolate chips

Butterscotch chips (or you could use peanut butter)

A cup of crushed pecans

And the last layer, sweetened condensed milk. Pour the whole can on top

Bake for about 25-30 min or until brown and bubbly

Allow these bars to sit at room temp and set up. They are very gooey and will need to cool in order to cut. Cut into small squares and serve. My husband prefers them cold so I keep mine in the fridge

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